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“Mucking out, eating cake,vet hospital and watching nativities” all in one ODS day

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Hey there ladies and gents. Hope you enjoyed my blog yesterday if not you should go back and read it as it is fandabulously amazingly brill. Well work experiance is almost over only one more day left and i feel so sad as i might never see these horses again phew who am i kidding. But seriosely i have enjoyed it. Ooh and granny i hope you enjoy this blog if your reading it. Ok that was a stupid question i asked obviosly your reading it or else you wouldnt have read that question.

 Well woke up at seven today and got ready in fifteen miniutes. That is very impressive for a girl who usially takes like fifteen hours. But i figured it doesnt matter what i look like around horses after all they dont exactly keep themselves imacuate (trust me i learnt when i bought my first grey horse.) Anyway we managed to feed the horses very quickly this morning well quicker than previose times. We then moved onto sweeping the yard which was a job in its self (trust me.) Then Tolulah got ready for travelling as we were taking her to the vet hospital in Glasgow. And Tolulah took everyone by surprise by walking into the box first time. The journey there was ok. We went over the new bridge which was exiting and the views quite pretty, i spent most of my time annoying Dad and Kessa “Are we there yet?” and by pointing at variose impossible obsticules and saying “imagine jumping that.” When we first arrived at the vet hospital we got a bit lost as we went into the small animals part which made me laugh as the horse box and Tolulah arnt the smallest. The vet hospital was lovely very white and blue and clean, and the nurses took care of Tolulah really well and she is staying there over night. We then had to drive back at super speed and just arrived back in time to see Freyas school nativaty, it was fantastic and Freya is going to be the next Hannah Montana (would appear she stole all the singing genes in the familly cause i cant sing a word in tune.) Kessa and i after the fantastic nativity went back and mucked out the horses. I drove Kessa BANANAS cause i was singing “HALLAJULAH” while mucking out and as i said earlier i dont have the singing genes. We then caught for the lessons and then fed and after that it was a case of tucking the horses up in their beddy bies and saying night night. Well as my mum says “Alls well that ends well” or something like that.

 Over all the exitements of the days were:

Dropping Tolulah of at the vet hospital.

Discovering there were cakes at the nativaty.

Stupid moments i had in the day were:

Thinking the road we were driving above was a canal (my excuse is i didnt take geoggars)

Very nearly feeding Benji oats (OOOPS)

Thank you for reading my blog i hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed writting it. Sadly tomorrow will be my last blog well and last work experiance day. So i’ll make the blog extra special and i’ll give you all the info on how Tolulah is. Anyway i better go cause even though my fatty parts are thanking me for mucking out (trust me easiest way to loose weight) my skin hates me right now. If only Prada could make “bags under eyes fashionable” it would make life easier. Oh well as the beautifull and “without bags under their eyes” Spanish  say “Adios Babey”

all i want for Christmas is O.D.S hoodies and teddy bears (hint hint)

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Hi there ladies and gents hope you enjoyed the blog yesterday if you didnt read it then i suggest you go back and read it, as its a work of a genius. Anyhoo moving on to bigger and better things.

 After the feeds and mucking out the vet came out to do a nerve block on Tolulah. Dont worry if you dont understand what that is i didnt to begin with either it was after the fifth explanation that i finally “twigged”. A nerve block is were the vet injects into were they think the damage is done with an anasthestic and about ten miniutes later they trot up the pony and see if the pony or horse is still lame. After my biology lesson we then had lunch and had a nosy through all the new kit. And boy am i in love there are gorgouse new Over Dalkeith hoodies, hats and the cutiest little teddie bears (im trading in my little sister to buy one) and even before i forget warm socks and little baby blue and pink teddie jumpers with Over dalkeith stables logo on it. I dont know about you but i know whats going on my Christmas list. Anyway we then caught ponies for the lessons and filled haynets well Kessa filled the haynets i didnt trust the hay after my little experiance yesterday. Then after the lessons we tucked the horses up to beddy bies.

 Tollulah is going in to have her operation tomorrow so ill tell you all about it tomorrow. Good Luck Tolulah.

Anyway i better go before i fall asleep on the laptop. Trust me its happend before.



Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Well ladies and gents i am very sorry i didnt write a blog yesterday, i am sure you were all very dissapointed. My excuse  is that i came in from the yard at about 7:30 had my tea and then fell asleep.That is how very tired i was. Anyway i will get back to the present time and tell you all about today.

 It was minus two this morning and i resembled a teletubie. Two jumpers, three pairs of socks (dont tell my dad he still thinks he lost them), one pair of trackies, two t-shirts , a hat and gloves. Kessa and i fed the horses at super speed as we found out we were going to collect Holli from the veternary hospital. I think the horses were shocked at seeing me so early in the morning. The horses were  fed and watered just to make them grow. we then started mucking out and i am proud to say Kessa and i (well with a little help from my dad) managed to muck out two stables, turn out Snoop Poop and Gorgouse George. Then i went through to fill haynets and as i was dedicatly filling haynets much to my suprise i had a strange sensation in my underkrackers it felt like their was something moving about in them i looked down and MAMMA MIA i had hay in my underkrackers. Im still trying to get it all out. So after my little fright we set of to collect Holli from Edinburgh. Holli looked brilliant and very happy to see us her eyes were gliittering as if to say “Haha you wait, im gonna embarres (sorry if its spelt wrong) you!” And boy did she embarress me, we could not get her into the trailer we tried everything and she just stood their going “NO” eventually after the twenty sixth million time of attempting she just walked in as if it was her idea. After that it was a long journey back we then tucked her into her bed. We then had are lunch (mmmm yummy) then it was chaos as we caught for the lesson and then fed everything as it got dark. Then that was pretty much it. 

 So over all the best parts of the day were.

Seeing Holli again

And er well lunchtime.

Worst part of the day

Discovering i had accidently put hay in my underkrackers, i mean what a waste of decently good knickers well and i suppose hay.  

So ladies and Gents thats all i have time for today, i must go and sort out my underckrackers problem and have my beauty sleep, yawn.

So BYE for now