….Our work experience has finally come to an end, and what an end. What with Moll and i teaching our very own lesson, to having to get the vet rush out to check on Henry. It was very intense.

I will start at the beginning, Amy came down today and she did the yard and mucked out and fed the ponies. So Mollie and i had the whole day to decide on lesson plans and to find out what we needed to know to become a riding instructor. It was very interesting. We also wrote out information about all the horses and ponies on the yard. Stuff like name, age, height etc… It was really good, i left loads of spaces but then Kate got all the passports out and we had a laugh at the ponies show names. For example Tiskys’ show name is actually Frisky Tisky. How weired is that.

Mollie’s lesson was really good. It was a christmas lesson, where they played christmas corners and it was fabby. We even listened to christmas song. Untill unfortunatly Lucy and Daisy (the ponies) had obviously had an argument (about Mac probably) so they ended up fighting in the lesson and a rider fell off! But they got a big bar of chocolate so i think she was fine after.

So Henry gave us all a big fright tonight. He started rolling on the yard! And so we had to call the vet in. We thought he might have surgical colic, but fortunately he doesn’t so that is a big relief. He should be back to his old self tomorrow.

i also taught a lesson today, i was really nervous about teaching them but i think/hope i did ok!

Anyway, yard again tomorrow, and also we will all be very hyper as it is Bobyn’s  birthday party tomorrow which will be awesome.

Thanks very much for reading my blogs. I hope you have enjoyed them as much i i enjoyed writing them. I wonder if i can do work experience again next week…… Watch this space.

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