…..Today as a treat we watched Freya playing in a school played called ‘It’s a baby’ it was really goood and Freya was awesome. We also took Tolly to the vet hospital in Glasgow, we went in the horse lorry and guess what….! It didn’t break down. It was a good journey for us, but poor Tolly didn’t travel very well, it was like a sauna. She couldn’t have her surgery today, so hopefully they will operate tomorrow.

The rest of the day was good, we fed the big horses but the ponies where no were to be seen. Never mind they will have found some grass ‘hopefully’

Unfortunatly tomorrow is our last day of work experience so that means no more of our fabulous blogs. Rather upsetting. And tomorrow Amy is coming down to do the yard, so Me and Moll are going to watch her doing the feeds and mucking out to see how she does things.

So bloggers, I am off at the moment, more fun thrilled blogging tomorrow.

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