….Today after feeding the ponies and horses quickly as Jane was coming to ride at 9! Mollie and i watched the vet (from a far distance i might add..) do a nerve block on Tolly. A nerve block is were the vet injects into were they think the damage is done with an anasthestic and about ten miniutes later they trot up the pony and see if the pony or horse is still lame. They injected into the Coffin joint which is in in between the pedle bone and the cannon. That was so complictaded that you probable wont want to read the rest of mine….’sniff’ thats fine! So unfortunatly Tolly has to go to Glasgow vet school, so we have a trip to Glasgow which should be awesome.

After the vet had been, Moll and i started working like crazy people to get the boxes mucked out, she did Holli and i did her water, I did Benjii and i got mine finished before Moll had finished Fudges’ Haaaha. We did hay and water and then we went for lunch.

After lunch we did Misty and Bobby and then we had to tack up SO fast, we were a bit late. Ooops. Our lesson was really good, we did jumping. It was great.

The vet came again today in the afternoon to do Bobby. i got to see Bobby’s nose! I saw the guteral pouch and a red blood vessel. It was so cool, and kinda weird too.

None of the ponies or horses wanted their seconded dinner, so Moll and i finished sorta earlier.

Well that’s all for today folk, i will write about what happened tomorrow, tomorrow!

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