all i want for Christmas is O.D.S hoodies and teddy bears (hint hint)

Hi there ladies and gents hope you enjoyed the blog yesterday if you didnt read it then i suggest you go back and read it, as its a work of a genius. Anyhoo moving on to bigger and better things.

 After the feeds and mucking out the vet came out to do a nerve block on Tolulah. Dont worry if you dont understand what that is i didnt to begin with either it was after the fifth explanation that i finally “twigged”. A nerve block is were the vet injects into were they think the damage is done with an anasthestic and about ten miniutes later they trot up the pony and see if the pony or horse is still lame. After my biology lesson we then had lunch and had a nosy through all the new kit. And boy am i in love there are gorgouse new Over Dalkeith hoodies, hats and the cutiest little teddie bears (im trading in my little sister to buy one) and even before i forget warm socks and little baby blue and pink teddie jumpers with Over dalkeith stables logo on it. I dont know about you but i know whats going on my Christmas list. Anyway we then caught ponies for the lessons and filled haynets well Kessa filled the haynets i didnt trust the hay after my little experiance yesterday. Then after the lessons we tucked the horses up to beddy bies.

 Tollulah is going in to have her operation tomorrow so ill tell you all about it tomorrow. Good Luck Tolulah.

Anyway i better go before i fall asleep on the laptop. Trust me its happend before.


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