…..Pleased to say that Good Golly Miss Hollie is back and is still as fabulous as ever. Mollie and i started fast this morning feeding horses and ponies, with our new feed sheets that Shaun made up for us we were faster than ever. We then turned them all out again and started slowly walking back to the yard. We then started mucking out, and then we got the news that Hollie was ready to come home. Me and Mollie started mucking out super quick and got hay, filled water buckets (with the help of Shaun).

The best part of the day was getting to see the vet hospital and understanding what they did to Hollie and why. The worst part of the day was finding out that Mollie had hay in her underkrackers….It was disturbing.(Read Mollie’s blog if confusion is a problem)

Tomorrow should be interesting, the vet is coming to see Tolly and Bobby. I will tell you how much i learnt tomorrow. Well i am off to bed, earlier start to the day again tomorrow!=D

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