Well ladies and gents i am very sorry i didnt write a blog yesterday, i am sure you were all very dissapointed. My excuse  is that i came in from the yard at about 7:30 had my tea and then fell asleep.That is how very tired i was. Anyway i will get back to the present time and tell you all about today.

 It was minus two this morning and i resembled a teletubie. Two jumpers, three pairs of socks (dont tell my dad he still thinks he lost them), one pair of trackies, two t-shirts , a hat and gloves. Kessa and i fed the horses at super speed as we found out we were going to collect Holli from the veternary hospital. I think the horses were shocked at seeing me so early in the morning. The horses were  fed and watered just to make them grow. we then started mucking out and i am proud to say Kessa and i (well with a little help from my dad) managed to muck out two stables, turn out Snoop Poop and Gorgouse George. Then i went through to fill haynets and as i was dedicatly filling haynets much to my suprise i had a strange sensation in my underkrackers it felt like their was something moving about in them i looked down and MAMMA MIA i had hay in my underkrackers. Im still trying to get it all out. So after my little fright we set of to collect Holli from Edinburgh. Holli looked brilliant and very happy to see us her eyes were gliittering as if to say “Haha you wait, im gonna embarres (sorry if its spelt wrong) you!” And boy did she embarress me, we could not get her into the trailer we tried everything and she just stood their going “NO” eventually after the twenty sixth million time of attempting she just walked in as if it was her idea. After that it was a long journey back we then tucked her into her bed. We then had are lunch (mmmm yummy) then it was chaos as we caught for the lesson and then fed everything as it got dark. Then that was pretty much it. 

 So over all the best parts of the day were.

Seeing Holli again

And er well lunchtime.

Worst part of the day

Discovering i had accidently put hay in my underkrackers, i mean what a waste of decently good knickers well and i suppose hay.  

So ladies and Gents thats all i have time for today, i must go and sort out my underckrackers problem and have my beauty sleep, yawn.

So BYE for now



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