….. An early start this morning, but it was all worth it. First of all Moll and i had feeding to doo. Which didn’t take as long as i was expecting, of course Shaun help with it, because otherwise me and Moll would have taken aaages…. It was a quick start getting the Horses and ponies in fast, feeding them and then slowly me and Mollie started to turn them out. The hard part was remembering all the feeds, especially Baileys’ feed.

We then had our own lesson, which i have to add was a lot harder than the staff lesson… But it was also very good and interesting. We then had a long break, where we had our lunch and watched Canter Banter which was actually very funny. It was then the 4:30 lesson we had ponies and horses to feed again and we couldn’t get Penny and Bambi through the thick mud, they wouldn’t go. So it took us a bit longer to turn out….

The 6:30 and the 7:30 was cancelled so we got home a little bit earlier. I was tired today so i think it will be an earlier night tonight.

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